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Batch 2018, Diploma Course in Tattoo Art

pawandeep singh, Aliens school student
Here’s how Pawandeep changed his fate in just 3 months

This is a motivational story of a man who took the leap of faith toward his passion, which eventually led him to a successful career. Pawandeep was just another young man struggling to find a direction in his life. He had always loved art and used to draw and paint since he was a kid. However, how to turn that passion for art into an occupation was a question he struggled with throughout his teenage years.

Pawandeep saw an ad that showcased the work of students at Aliens Tattoo Art School. He thought that if students could make such exceptional artwork during their training, how would they turn out after completing the course? Before joining Aliens Tattoo Art school, he used to draw and sketch but not professionally. There was quite a lot that he did not know about art.

​At Aliens Tattoo Art School, he met the person whom he now wholeheartedly idolizes, Sunny Bhanushali - the founder of Aliens Tattoo and Aliens Tattoo Art School. Under the mentorship of Sunny and other mentors, Pawandeep's art skills flourished. He could grasp all the art concepts wonderfully during the one-month tattoo course he enrolled in. Apart from improving his art skills, he was quite moved by Sunny's motivational speeches about how an artist in this day and age makes a living out of his art. Having trained and facilitated thousands of students, Sunny could touch all the right chords that enabled Pawandeep to work hard.

His hard work paid off when he was invited to participate in India's biggest Tattoo Art Competition: The Heartwork Festival. As a newly trained artist, Pawandeep was happy just to be able to get sponsored for the competition, but he ended up surprising everyone, including himself, by bagging the award for the Best Portrait Tattoo! This achievement was marvelous for him since even veteran tattoo artists find it difficult to win an award in this category.

Pawandeep knew that the scope of tattooing was huge and that it was only about to increase in the future. He started off in a small village with meager savings, but he was convinced that he could use his art to do something big in life. His father supported his goals and believed in him, his art, and his dedication towards his work. So he struggled to save up enough money to join the Tattoo Art School and made it worth every penny. Today, his work is recognized by many celebrities across the country, and his tattoos are in demand.

"I already had high hopes from Aliens Tattoo Art School, but they exceeded all those high expectations in terms of teaching art to someone having zero to minimum background in art," he said. The lessons are lifelong learning that, through practice, can be sharpened and used to earn a healthy living

Today, Pawandeep owns and manages a successful tattoo business named Hunting Tattooz in Mohali. And we are incredibly proud of everything that he has achieved with his passion, dedication, and hard work.


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