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Batch 2022,Complete Course in Tattoo Art

saiyam patel, Aliens school student
For me, it is not just about tattoos, it is about pushing boundaries, striving for excellence, and never settling for anything less than your best.

Saiyam Patel, a talented tattoo artist from Mumbai, has etched his name in the world of tattooing with his exceptional skills and dedication. His journey, marked by passion and excellence, has taken him from being a Civil Engineering Diploma holder to becoming the Founder and Owner of the renowned Sam Tattoo Studios in Mumbai.

Saiyam's story began with a childhood passion for art, which he nurtured through drawing and sketching. However, family pressure led him to pursue further studies into engineering, which he completed with ease. But the fire within him to create art never dimmed.

Saiyam's journey as a tattoo artist began with online tutorials in a cyber cafe and practicing at home using coil machines. He soon realized that working from home was not feasible due to client demands, so he decided to open his own studio in Mumbai. Despite his initial success, Saiyam felt an inner voice urging him to improve his skills and push his boundaries.

Inspired by the work of Sunny Bhanushali - Founder Of Aliens Tattoo School, Saiyam decided to learn from him. He saved money by freelancing and eventually enrolled in the 2019 batch at Aliens Tattoo School. The four-month course was a transformative experience for Saiyam, as he was surrounded by like-minded individuals who shared his passion for tattooing

At the school, Saiyam recalls, "I loved being among passionate individuals like myself, wanting to push boundaries. While we learned, Sunny always pushed us to be better in our craft in every way possible." Under the guidance of his mentors, he honed his skills and mastered the art of tattooing.

Saiyam's hard work and dedication paid off when he bagged awards at the Kolkata Tattoo Festival 2023 for Best of the Day Category and at the Ink Soul Tattoo Festival 2022 for Best Cover Up Tattoo Category.

But for Saiyam, success is not just measured in awards. It's about the journey, the moments of growth and self-discovery that have shaped him into the successful artist he is today.

"My journey with Aliens Tattoo School has been nothing short of life-changing," Saiyam reflects. "For me, it is not just about tattoos, it is about pushing boundaries, striving for excellence, and never settling for anything less than your best."

Today, Saiyam stands as the proud owner of Sam Tattoo Studio, a witness to his passion for his craft.

His message to aspiring tattoo artists echoes with wisdom and inspiration:
“Your tattooing school is just the starting point, not the destination. They will teach you the basics, but it is up to you to master the art. Create a portfolio that showcases your skills, gain real-time experience that enhances your craft, and set a goal that drives you to succeed. Take ownership of your learning, work tirelessly towards your goals, and trust me, you will be unstoppable. The problem and the solution lie within you. ”

As Saiyam looks back on his journey, he is filled with gratitude for the lessons learned and the connections forged, at the Aliens Tattoo School, a chapter in his life that he will keep close to his heart.


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