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Batch 2019, Diploma Course in Tattoo Art

sakshi panwar, Aliens school student
Seeing the joy and sometimes tears when my clients see their tattoo, it is why I do this

In the busy lanes of Jodhpur, where tradition meets the chaos of everyday life, a dream was born. This dream, nurtured by a strong mother’s support, belonged to Sakshi Panwar.

Her story is one of passion, determination, and the power of art, which was further marked by her journey from a curious doodler to a celebrated tattoo artist.
The Dream Takes Root
Sakshi's artistic inclination was noticeable from a very young age. Growing up in a typical orthodox family in Rajasthan, she was surrounded by the rich culture of her Marwadi heritage.

The colors, patterns, and traditions of her environment seamlessly seeped into her doodles, laying the foundation for her future in tattoo art. However, the idea of pursuing a career in tattoo artistry was beyond unusual and met with clear resistance from her family, who had traditional expectations for her future.
A Source Of Inspiration
The turning point in Sakshi's life was her mother's battle with cancer. Her mother's strength and determination became a source of inspiration for Sakshi, teaching her to be brave and to chase her dreams, no matter how different they were.

Sakshi's dream was to become a celebrated tattoo artist, a path that was far from the usual one laid out for a traditionally backed girl. Despite her family's initial objections, Sakshi's future was unshakeable. Sakshi believed in her dream as if failure was not an option and eventually convinced her parents to support her passion.
A New Beginning in Mumbai
Stepping into Mumbai, a city full of energy and ambition, Sakshi felt a mix of nervousness and excitement. Her determination brought her to the Bhopal Tattoo Convention, where she discovered Aliens Tattoo Art School, realizing it would be her gateway to the world of professional tattoo artistry.

Walking into Aliens Tattoo School, she found herself in an environment buzzing with creativity and passion. In time, as Sakshi received the welcome letter from Aliens Tattoo School, it was more than just a milestone, for her, it was a ticket to her dreams.

The mentors, not just teachers but skilled artists themselves, provided a unique and supportive learning experience. "The way they teach, it's so different," recalls Sakshi. "They make sure you really get it. This place felt truly safe." The school's setup, with its high-end equipment and large screens for demonstrations, felt like stepping into a movie of her own art journey.

Crafting a Unique Style
Under the mentorship of Sunny Bhanushali at Aliens Tattoo School, Sakshi discovered her true calling in fine-line tattoos. She honed her skills and developed a style that seamlessly blends elements with minimalist modernity. Her detailed designs are not just tattoos, they are personal stories etched in ink, each one a witness to her ability to connect deeply with all her clients.

Sakshi's talent quickly gained recognition and her work slowly started taking flight!. She also seized the chance to tattoo Arjun Kapoor's striking phoenix tattoo design, which was a noteworthy milestone in both her personal and professional journey. She further won the Best Dotwork and Mandala category at the prestigious Kula Tattoo Convention, a milestone that strengthened her reputation in the tattoo community.

From being featured in renowned publications right from Total Tattoo to Femina, Sakshi further established herself as a rising star in the ink industry.

What sets Sakshi apart is not just her artistic skill but her ability to create lasting memories through her work. Each tattoo she designs is a celebration of personal stories and cultural heritage. Inspired by her mother's strength and guided by her mentor's wisdom, Sakshi's artistry now goes beyond the boundaries of tattoo art.

"Seeing the joy and sometimes tears when my clients see their tattoo, it is why I do this," Sakshi shares. Aliens Tattoo School gave her the platform to grow and become the artist she always dreamed to be.
A Rising Star
Today, at a young age of 23, Sakshi Panwar stands as one of the finest tattoo artists in the field, continually scaling new heights with her creativity and dedication. Her journey from a curious doodler in Rajasthan to a celebrated tattoo artist is an inspiring tale of following one's passion against all odds. Through her art, Sakshi crafts human connections and stories, leaving a permanent mark on both the skin and the soul.

Her story is a reminder that dreams, no matter how difficult, are worth going after. With each stroke of her needle, Sakshi continues to tell her story, one of courage, strength, and the transformative power of following one's passion.


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