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Batch 2022, Diploma Course in Tattoo Art

Everyone has creativity within them but not everyone finds a good platform to release it. Luckily, I found Aliens Tattoo Art School

Thara Shetty's journey from being an aerospace engineer to a successful tattoo artist is an inspiring tale of following one's passion and overcoming obstacles. She worked in the aerospace industry in Bangalore for 5 years and initially wanted to become a part-time tattoo artist. Her father disagreed and said it wasn't a professional career with any future. But eventually he agreed to support her choice on the condition that her husband also supported her career change. Luckily, she was met with immense encouragement not only from her husband, but also her in-laws!

When the Covid-19 pandemic and personal struggles interfered with her work, she saw it as an opportunity to finally make the career switch to a professional tattoo artist. She finally decided to start a new chapter in her life, ready to explore the world of tattoos. She began doing her research on institutions or studios nearby that would teach and guide her but couldn't find any reputable ones that would properly train her. Fortunately, she found Aliens Tattoo Art School and moved to Mumbai for the 6-month diploma course, which is specifically designed to teach the fundamental principles of tattooing from scratch.

The 6 months diploma course was very sufficient to learn the fundamentals of tattooing. If you want to do a difficult or advanced tattoo but don't even know how to make a sharp, crisp line then the end result won't be very good. At Aliens Tattoo Art School, they don't just directly make you tattoo on skin and criticise you. They patiently guide you on the basics like making proper lines and shading before handing you a tattoo machine. Time went by so quickly during this course because everyone is so friendly and jovial; from the mentors and staff to the students. The school sees males and females as equal because they look at skill, not gender. In the beginning I didn't have much confidence but now I know I will achieve greatness in the tattoo industry!"

Thara's love for art started from her college days, where she doodled on her hands during lectures. She didn't have any prior professional exposure to art before joining Aliens Tattoo Art School but she finished the course successfully and is now equipped with additional drawing skills as well as tattoo skills. As for her father who said no to her in the beginning, he looked at her work and said she should have joined much sooner!


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