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25th - 26th October 2023

Tattoo Workshop

by Raja Gopalan

at Aliens Tattoo Art School

Join us for an intensive 2-day tattoo workshop and take your skills to the next level! Explore business growth hacks, advanced tattooing techniques, and digital art concepts to enhance your craft. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your skills and take your business to new heights!

for ₹9800

Workshop Curriculum

Through hands-on sessions, we will delve into the process of understanding client briefs and translating them into unique, personalised tattoos. From traditional hand-drawn techniques to digital art, you'll learn how to bring your designs to life using various mediums. At the end of this workshop, participants will unlock the secrets of crafting remarkable tattoos, from conception to the final tattooing process and gain the skills to create truly one-of-a-kind tattoos.


Day One


  • Raja’s Journey.

Understanding body anatomy

  • Mapping the muscle flow.

  • Identify and block surfaces - Large open areas for high priority elements while sharp body curves, bones etc for fillers.

  • Aesthetics, rules of thumb & golden ratio.


  • Sketching tips ands tricks for non artists.

  • Understanding customers design brief.

  • Ideation and drafting of concepts - quick rough sketches.

  • Hierarchy of drawing elements.


  • Rendering the sketch on iPad.

  • Using procreate to create custom designs.

  • How to use 3d arm efficiently.

  • Unwrapping designs on the 3d arm on procreate.

  • Use of AI softwares to generate design references.

Day Two



  • Do’s and Don’ts of Getting the right stencil placement.

  • Freehand tattooing.

  • Choosing the right tattoo machine.

  • Use of Line weight.


Tattoo Aftercare

  • Post tattoo careBest practices.

  • Pro tips and tricksRetouch.

  • Follow up for the healed result.

School Facility

State of the art facility designed for fast learning

Aliens Tattoo School has state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that artists have the best of what they need to learn and become Pro Tattoo Artists.

Raja Gopalan_Photo.jpg

About Raja

Being fascinated with the lifestyles of the tattoo artists, the challenges they face made Raja Gopal want to do it. He attended art school and has always sticked to pursuing art but tattooing happened to him out of fascination. His mentor was Senthil from Skindeep tattoos and was the one who guided him towards traveling around the nation with his art. His greatest inspiration comes from the artists, John MA and Eek glass pani.

Raja’s current venture is MettleInk and he’s traveling around the country taking his art to the next level. Raja Gopal shares that major evolution in his career was due to conventions when he saw senior artists working on tattoos and took guidelines from them. Raja is still exploring new styles and genres and focusing on developing his tattoo art just like he draws, bold and free.

Raja's work

Tattoo Workshop by Raja Gopalan

25th | 26th Oct 2023 - From 9am to 5pm

at Aliens Tattoo Art School

1st Floor, Satguru Prasad, Ramchandra lane, Opp. to Neo Corporate Plaza, Malad West, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400064

for ₹9800

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