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Advice to Tattoo Artists who don't earn enough - by a Tattoo Artist

Have you ever thought about what’s missing that is keeping you away from making the most out of your tattoo business? Do you know why you don’t earn as much as established tattoo artists do? Well, it’s about little things that successful tattoo artists do and you don’t.

Start questioning yourself and you will realize what you need to achieve success in the tattoo art business. Being a good tattoo artist does not only mean buying a tattoo machine, watching a few videos on YouTube, and getting hands-on experience on your friends and expecting to get business.

Think Again!!

Are you worried about your kid's career who is Good in drawing but bad with studies ?

First of all, do you know why drawing is the only form of art that everyone likes or has an interest in?

It’s because drawing makes us happy. It is an art form that is used to express what we feel & we get to explore our creative side. While growing up, we used to love drawing & crafts periods in school because we knew that we would have fun. Many therapists use art therapy to treat their patients as well. Unfortunately, our parents taught us that we cannot earn or make a living out of drawing & that it is only good for a hobby. I know that many of you agreed to this and focused on your studies to graduate, to start your career, and to get ‘settled’ in life. In the end, you get stuck in the never-ending rat race. I don’t disagree with all the parents because they were right at that time. But today’s world is different. You can easily make an earning from drawing or creative jobs. We are no more living in an Industrial Age, THIS IS A NEW AGE. Some masters call it the Information Age, I call it THE CREATIVE AGE. Read more

Why do you need another income source to fulfil your dreams?

Have you ever wondered why there are fewer wealthy people or why your friend working with some other company has a higher standard of living than yours or why your family income is lesser than your neighbor’s?

It’s because they are never dependent on a single income source. I don’t mean the number of earning family members, I mean the number of sources of income of every member. 

Depending on Single income source is like being on a boat with no lifejacket and you don’t know how to swim. Either you will reach the land surface or you will drown. A side business is more than just another stream of income, it’s also the new job security. When you receive paychecks from different sources, it allows you to take more chances in your regular career. More income means more options. More options equal freedom. You don’t need entrepreneurial experience to launch a profitable side hustle. Read more

Are you passionate about
drawing & art?

Did you know that people who are involved in painting develop critical thinking skills and their eye & hand coordination improves? Kids who paint regularly are more expressive. Their creativity level and ability to handle the challenging situation is way better than others.

Are you one of those who like to draw and paint but hate studies? Do you feel that you should be learning more about art and related subjects instead of going through the conventional education system? Well, if you love art and are good at drawing, you should definitely consider making a career in the art world.

There is so much demand for creative people like graphic designers, UI/UX designers, architects, commercial artists, painters, website developers, tattoo artists, graffiti artists, airbrush painters, hairstylists, make-up artists, etc. and it has become so easy to be one. There are schools, organizations, institutes at every corner where you can learn the skills and make it your career. 

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