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Why Women Can Rock The Tattoo Industry More

There is nothing a guy could do in this world that a woman cannot. Many amazing ladies all across the world have succeeded in shattering the atrocious stereotype. They have demonstrated that everything a man can do, a woman can do as gracefully. Whether it's taking care of the family, influencing politics, representing a country in sports, or all of the above at the same time. And, happily, this generation is growing increasingly accepting of women in their unconventional jobs. As well as helping women in making such "unconventional roles" more conventional.

And this applies to tattooing too. The creative industry of tattoos has always been a stigma for many. And let alone a women Tattoo artist! But you know what, if you thought that women were going to leave the world of tattooing for men, that’s a BIG NO! There are many talented female artists like Kat Von D, Ryan Ashley Malarkey, and many more that rule the tattoo industry today. And making much more than any number you could have even dreamed of making. And now they can proudly say, “Mom I don’t need a rich man, I am a rich man.” So this concludes that tattooing is certainly a great career choice for women. And if this wasn’t enough to motivate you to take up that tattoo gizmo in your hand, then we have six big reasons to convince you otherwise.

Women love tattoos more and ask for more women tattoo artists

Contrary to popular belief, surveys have shown more tattooed women around the world than men. A popular study says that women make up for the majority of tattooed people, more than men over the globe. And we second it. Every day at Aliens, we witness more & more female happy faces. And we weren’t really shocked by seeing that number. Women are more expressive. And when it comes to creativity+expressing emotions, they know what they are doing.

And certainly, because of this, female tattoo artists tend to have a bigger clientele. For many women out there, it’s nice to have a woman tattooing them. As they could help them give a more safe and comforting experience. And it’s not just about the tattoo, female tattoo artists tend to have a more personalized and meaningful bond with the client. With the whole movement together, of women supporting women, this is one of them. Women Tattoo artists are the reason other women feel more open to expressing themselves in a more creative way.

Women are naturally more creative beings

It’s not just us saying that, it's the research that backs our point. Recent research suggests that female artists are actually more creative than men. Female artists are unmatched in their abilities. In a variety of ways, their talents outperform those of their male counterparts. They are diverse individuals who gain from socializing and flourish in collaborative environments. This exclusive trait is something that makes women more progressive in the creative field.

There is no doubt that creativity comes regardless of gender. But creativity paired with the aesthetic appeal surely gets picked first. With their heightened taste of aesthetics, women tattooists bring more to the table while tattooing. And let’s not forget that women also have excellent attention to detail. The art of tattooing is all about the details indeed. Which makes this career absolutely ideal for them.

Women are great to collaborate with, making them great tattoo artists

Getting a tattoo is all about collaboration. It is something that is going to be on someone's body forever. And hence people like it to be more thoughtful and professional. And one thing we know about women is that they are naturally great collaborators.

With tattoos, each and every second of the client’s tattoo experience matters. From the initial hello to selecting the design, to finally wrapping the tattoo, you as a tattoo artist define the person’s experience. And for that, having a female tattoo artist is the best thing. When it comes to working on a project, girls are great listeners and understand better. And who wouldn’t want a better listening tattoo artist for themselves? And this isn’t just women to women. Even men, while going through tough experiences like tattoos, prefer leaning towards women for emotional comfort. This could be because females are more empathetic, says a recent study.

You get to inspire more women to stand up for their choices

It’s crazy that society has an image of an ideal lady to be all dolled up and have more docile roles. They idealize women being in only specific professions which according to them are ‘ladylike’. But our generation is obviously here to break the cycle. And how do you go about doing that? By choosing roles that prove society wrong. Female tattoo artists are one such inspiration and show people that women can be whatever they want to be, respectfully. If you have been an artist your whole life, by choosing to tattoo, you uncover your tremendous possibilities. You enter an industry that needs more women like you. You break the stereotype & stigma around it! It’s not just the tattoo industry helping you, you are helping the industry too. By making it more diverse and creative.

Tattoo industry is more professional than ever

If you have an image of the tattoo industry not being so professional, then you were definitely living under a rock. Tattoo parlors today are actually as professional as any other business. And let alone, it’s education. Being a tattoo artist requires the same kind of professionalism as any other job. It needs the right communication, industry knowledge, marketing skills, and of course, tattoo expertise. But don’t worry, this can all be taught and mastered with the right tattoo education. And no you don’t have to work for free in an apprenticeship.

An apprenticeship is not the only way to learn the art of tattoos. With Aliens tattoo school, you can become a professional tattoo artist. And start earning as much as any doctor or engineer around you.

More female tattooists means more ladies opting for tattoos

When it comes to tattooing, more women would like to see a similar gender tattooing them. But sadly enough, there is an absence of plenty of talented female tattooists. By becoming one, you encourage every woman out there to get a tattoo. You unintendedly prove to the world that tattooing is that one experience that everybody in the world needs.

As a woman, when you dip your toes in the tattoo industry, you are subconsciously reaching for a profession that is very unique yet very much in demand.

It's a bright career ahead!

If you haven’t already read our previous blog about why the tattoo industry is booming now more than ever, you should! The tattoo industry is estimated to be a gigantic 1.4 Billion USD industry. And it grows at a rate of 10% each year! Additionally, the tattoo industry has a lot more stability now. As a tattooist now, you don’t always have to open up your own studio. The tattoo career is now much more streamlined. Many tattooists out there earn nearly 3-4 Lakh a month. This is far more than what today’s doctors & engineers earn. And if women are not leveraging this, then they are missing out on a huge opportunity. And we suspect you don’t want to do that.

So if you are an aspiring young girl who loves art and wants to elevate your art; or even if you are a confident woman looking to switch her career with some creativity, Aliens Tattoo is the way to go. Learn the art of tattooing and embark upon a journey of creativity & success. And spread your creative wings.

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