You are awesome if you are even thinking of learning this ancient form of art called tattooing. From the stone age till today, tattooing has been a part of human race and its just in our blood :)

This course focuses only on basics and fundamentals of tattoo art. It will equip you with all the knowledge and information you need to do basic tattoos on real skin, real people, sounds exiting isn't it? but let me tell you, this course in not for you if you are looking out a career in tattoo art. This course is for hobbyist and for people who wish to have fun in exploring new art form.

For career oriented courses please explore other courses we have.


Fundamentals of Drawing and understanding the importance of sketching/drawing to become a better tattoo artist. 

History of tattoo art, understanding of current tattoo scene around the globe. The new age career and its future prospects

Fundamental understanding if skin, anatomy of human body. Importance of understanding the flow of the body for better designing.

Introduction to tattoo equipment and the tattoo process. Focuses on various types of machines, needles and colours and pros and cons of each.

Importance of hygiene and best its practices. Focuses on complete hygiene process one must follow as per laws of government.

Tattoo practice on synthetic skin, Blackwork, Lining and Filling basic techniques. Use of various machines to understand each type.

Focuses on basic to advance level of stenciling including understanding the importance of stencil placement and body flow

Basics of shading, exploring various shading techniques. Practice on synthetic skin.

Final week will consist of tattooing on real skin, we will analyse you on every aspect and grade you based on the final outcome of the tattoo and the way you followed the tattoo process


This is the most important question one must ask before getting into tattooing. Basic course if for the people who wishes to explore the tattoo art as a hobby. If you wish to have fun exploring this art form like few people learn pottery, craft etc in spare time, then this is the right course for you. This course is equipped with all the necessary knowledge and information you will need to do basic tattoos on real skin, real people. 


If you are looking to make a career in tattoo art then this is not the right course for you, then you need to explore our other career oriented courses in tattoo art. Commercial tattooing is way beyond scope of this course. We get lots of people who think that they will learn basics of tattoo art and start making money, they wish to spend the least time and money to learn how to use the tattoo machine and other equipment and get on the seat and become self-proclaimed tattoo artist. Do not get trapped in this idea. Tattooing is vast, its all about art and creativity, its about peoples lives who trust you for the best. It comes with serious responsibilities.


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COST OF THE BASIC COURSE : 1,30,000 INR ( Including 18% GST )