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Mumbai, India / 2021

Sara Lee

A corporate employee's journey towards becoming a full-time artist.

How many times do we hear "Follow your dreams, be passionate about what you do, and success will follow". But not everyone takes that leap of faith.

For those who do, it is never an easy journey. This is the story of Sara- the newest addition to Aliens family. Sara grew up in Mumbai loving art as a kid. She loved doodling, drawing, playing around with colours, and expressing her emotions through art. From an early age, Sara became a fan of the show LA Ink and fell in love with Kat Von D who was one of the very few female tattoo artists that produced quality and dynamic tattoo art. 


Sara's mom wasn't pleased to hear that Sara wanted to become a tattoo artist. Sara forced herself into a corporate job that lasted 5 years after studying psychology. It wasn't her calling, "but at least it was stable income " is how she kept going until April 2020 when the pandemic hit. 


Sitting home, Sara picked up her old art supplies and started drawing and painting. It reignited the old passion towards art and decided to pick up her phone and tell her father about her dream of becoming a tattoo artist. After five long years at a private equity firm , Sara took the bold step of pursuing her dreams. She Googled tattoo art school and came across Aliens Tattoo Art School. Her experience at the tattoo school was one of a kind. Surrounding yourself with people having similar interests coming from various backgrounds gives you an added advantage of peer learning.

At first, Sara got overwhelmed by the sheer talent of her peers who all had varied experiences in art. But at the same time, she also met people with no prior experience in art. As the class began, she was pleased to see that regardless of the expertise or mastery that each of them possessed, the school dragged them back to perfecting the basics.

Sara sketched a hyper-realistic portrait before joining the school. And she made one in the middle of the 6 month training course at Aliens Tattoo Art school. The difference was apparent. Sara's passion is visible in the way her eyes start glowing when she talks about tattooing. For Sara, it is the power to give someone something permanent that will remain on their physical body that gives her the sense of achievement and satisfaction. "When I see someone walking down the street wearing my tattoo, I feel proud", she said. If it ignites your soul, you will never feel demotivated to work towards improving yourself in that field.


Today, Sara has successfully graduated from Aliens Tattoo Art School and has been hired as an artist at Aliens Tattoo Studio. She is developing her art while earning at the studio. Employees around the world are realising the value of their time and are resigning to do something meaningful with their lives. This phenomenon is largely being called the Great Resignation or the Big Quit. Now more than ever is the time to pursue your passion and dreams. 


Do you love art too? Take a sneak peek at Aliens Tattoo Art School's courses.

Sara Lee's Interview

Sara's Interview
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