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Tattoo Art: Career for Passionate Artists and Creative People

You are an artist by nature! Did you know that your brain is wired to appreciate art? Scientists recently found out that humans are hard-wired to enjoy the arts! We all have a natural affinity for art. It’s something that we innately enjoy and connect with. Some of us let go of the artist in us as we grow up while others hold on to this side or try to find it and explore it eventually.

While there are different ways in which we can hone the artist in us, tattoo art can be a rewarding career in all aspects.

Unique career chosen by millions of artists like you!

There are millions of people around the world who have chosen to become tattoo artists. This number is steadily increasing as more people discover that tattooing as a career is rewarding. Here's why - Artists feel happy doing work that they actually believe in. Being an artist means the work they do is personal and reflective of things that matter to them. When your art gives other people a new perspective, you start loving what you do. Your work can expand the minds of others. Seeing your art touch someone’s soul, and watching someone respond to your artwork in a profound way is one of the best feelings as an artist. And the art of tattooing provides exactly that to artists. If you are someone who feels a deeper connection with art, keep reading :)

Tattoo art has become one of the most promising careers in the recent past. Even though the art of tattooing exists for decades, pursuing it as a career has gained popularity only recently. People who are good at drawing, painting, or have pursued fine arts are choosing tattoo art as a career more often than ever. Tattooing also attracts people with a creative bent and a passion for the arts.

Artists from other domains moving to become tattoo artists

There are a lot of reasons why artists from other domains choose to become tattoo artists, primarily for the fact that tattooing has proven to be a rewarding career for passionate artists and creative people because of the freedom and challenging opportunities that it offers. For eg. Graphic Designing and Animation are overly saturated industries and the day to day work is far more redundant than tattoo art. With the dawn of the digital world and digital art, fine artists and commercial artists too have been struggling to get their dream jobs or even make a good living. There is scarcity of jobs that pay well unless they have transformed their medium of practicing art to digital.

Tattoo art on the other hand, provides an artist what they actually crave for, be it creative freedom, fame, travel opportunities and fair compensation for their art. So if you are really passionate about art, it’s a good idea to explore tattoo art as a career as it could be something that you truly enjoy. And like it is said, it's a lot easier to work hard and be productive when you’re excited about what you do every day.

Fastest growing art industry across the globe

Tattoo industry is one of the fastest-growing art industries. It is currently worth an estimated $1.65 billion and is growing at a rate of 5% each year. By 2022, it is estimated that global spending on tattoos will reach $40 billion. Tattoo art is also one of the highest paying art careers in the world. You can read our blog on why there's such a high demand for good tattoo artists across the globe.

The popularity of tattooing as well as the wide variety of styles, symbols, and images that can be depicted through tattoos also contribute to the rising popularity of the profession. Many people are looking to get inked with unique phrases, designs, and images to express their personalities. This trend has prompted many people to invest in the services of tattoo artists. Today, there are millions of people around the world who have chosen to become tattoo artists. This number is steadily increasing as more people discover the rewarding career path of a tattoo artist.

What is tattoo art, exactly?

Tattoo art or tattooing is a form of permanent or semi-permanent body modification that involves the application of a pigment or ink to the skin. The process of tattooing involves inserting ink into he skin using sharp tools like needles, wood sticks, etc. Tattoos are a form of self-expression. People usually get tattoos to either express their individuality and passion or for the love of aesthetics.

There are many different types of tattoos, ranging from simple scripts or symbols to intricate masterpieces. Some people also get them for medical or cosmetic reasons which are referred to as cosmetic tattoos.

Tattooing has been traced back to ancient times where it was referred to as “tatooing”. According to different sources, tattooing has been done in different cultures around the world since ancient times. Tattoos have become a part of modern culture. Due to its popularity, many people consider tattooing an art form. People associate different meanings and symbols with different colors of the rainbow.

Can anyone become a tattoo artist?

While the idea of becoming a tattoo artist may sound like the stuff of fiction, the truth is that anyone can become one. Tattoo artists are a unique and creative group of people who have decided to follow their passion and pursue a career in art. As with any career, there are certain requirements that one must meet in order to become a tattoo artist. You must be at least 18 years old.

You need to take formal training in order to work as a tattoo artist. Some tattoo artists receive formal training through a tattoo school or a recognized program like a diploma in tattoo art. Other tattoo artists gain their knowledge through observation & hands-on experience popularly known as apprenticeships. The most important thing to keep in mind is that no matter what route you take to becoming a tattoo artist, it takes hard work and dedication to succeed. Tattoo artists must complete a formal training course if they wish to work with a reputable tattoo studio.

To get certified as a tattoo artist, you will have to take a career-oriented course from a reputable tattoo school and pass a series of tests & build a portfolio. We recommend you to read our blog on how to become a tattoo artist to know everything that you need to make a career in tattoo art.

Tattooing is an incredibly unique and creative profession. It’s also one of the most accessible and flexible professions. You don’t need a huge amount of money or a solid degree from a prestigious university to pursue it. And as a profession, tattooing offers a great deal of autonomy. You could choose to work for yourself, setting your own hours and schedule.

Besides, it’s one of the top five fastest-growing careers in India and the U.S. There are many different reasons why more people decide to start a new career in tattooing. So if you are someone who wants to explore your creative side, or find purpose in yourself, just remember, it's always the right time to pursue a passion in life, and if tattooing is what you love, go for it!

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