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23rd - 24th January 2024

Tattoo Workshop

by Kaala Drishya | Raju Lama Yonzan

at Aliens Tattoo Art School

Experience a unique two-day tattoo art with Kaala Drishya, a distinguished tattoo artist in Kathmandu’s vibrant tattoo community, renowned for his mastery in Nepali Neo-traditional and Freehand styles.

for ₹9800

Workshop Curriculum

Through hands-on sessions, we will delve into the process of understanding client briefs and translating them into unique, personalised tattoos. From traditional hand-drawn techniques to digital art, you'll learn how to bring your designs to life using various mediums. At the end of this workshop, participants will unlock the secrets of crafting remarkable tattoos, from conception to the final tattooing process and gain the skills to create truly one-of-a-kind tattoos.


Day One:

Introduction and Design Principles

Introduction to Tattooing

  • Kaala Drishya shares his personal journey and experiences in the tattooing world

Understanding Body Anatomy for Tattoos

  • Practical tips for beginners on how to sketch tattoo designs

  • ⁠Techniques for interpreting and visualizing clients' ideas and design briefs

  • Quick and effective methods for drafting initial tattoo concepts

Fundamentals of Drawing / Sketching

  • Guidance and techniques for non-artists in sketching

  • Deciphering and responding to client design briefs

  • Conceptualization and rapid drafting of ideas through initial sketches

  • Organizing drawing elements in a clear hierarchy

Tattoo Designing

  • Use of common motifs like clouds, fire, and waves to enhance tattoo designs

  • Enhancing designs using traditional freehand drawing techniques.

Day Two:

Tattooing Skills and



Key Tattooing Techniques

  • ⁠Important dos and don'ts for placing tattoos accurately on the body

  • ⁠Guidance on how to choose the most suitable tattoo machine for various designs

Tattoo Aftercare

  • Step-by-step instructions for post-tattoo care

School Facility

State of the art facility designed for fast learning

Aliens Tattoo School has state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that artists have the best of what they need to learn and become Pro Tattoo Artists.

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About Raju

Raju Lama Yonzan stands out as a prominent figure in Kathmandu's tattoo scene, bringing a unique flair to the craft. As the owner of Kaala Drishya, his tattoo studio has become a hub for enthusiasts and artists alike. Raju's expertise lies in Nepali neo-traditional and freehand styles, showcasing his profound bond with Nepal's rich cultural heritage.


His work, marked by intricate detail and depth, is not just visually stunning but also culturally significant, reflecting the spirit of Nepal. This exceptional talent has garnered him both national acclaim and a dedicated following, positioning him as a mentor and inspiration to both emerging and experienced tattoo artists. In Raju's world, art is more than expression—it's a vehicle for positive change.

Raju's work

Tattoo Workshop by Kaala Drishya | Raju Lama Yonzan

23rd | 24th Jan 2024 - From 9am to 5pm

at Aliens Tattoo Art School

1st Floor, Satguru Prasad, Ramchandra lane, Opp. to Neo Corporate Plaza, Malad West, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400064

for ₹9800

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