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Mumbai, India / 2021

Yogesh Mahale

Persisted in his goals despite financial constraints

Yogesh Mahale's story is not only about honing artistic skills but also about transforming a passion into a flourishing career as one of the best tattoo artists in Mumbai.

Yogesh's journey began with a deep-rooted love for fine art. From an early age, he nurtured a strong foundation in artistic expression, laying the groundwork for what would become a lifelong pursuit in the basics of tattooing. This initial phase of his journey highlights the importance of a solid artistic foundation, critical for anyone aspiring to make a mark in the creative world.

His growing passion for tattoo art led him to Aliens Tattoo, a renowned name in the tattoo industry. However, his journey wasn't without its challenges. Financial constraints momentarily hindered his dream, but the support from his father provided the necessary strength to persevere. This part of Yogesh’s story shows the power of family support in overcoming obstacles.

Yogesh truly began to excel at Aliens Tattoo School. The school provided the necessary support to pursue his education without financial burdens, demonstrating that the right guidance and assistance can help you overcome obstacles and follow your dreams.


He enrolled in the Diploma Course in Tattoo Art, a comprehensive tattoo course for beginners. For Yogesh, Aliens Tattoo School was more than an educational institution. It was a place where he refined his raw artistic passion into professional tattooing skills. Under the guidance of seasoned mentors, he honed his talents, transforming challenges into remarkable artwork.


Yogesh's hard work eventually paid off. He got into the Internship Program at Aliens Tattoo, a chance only given to the best. This shows that dedication and hard work really matter.


A big moment for Yogesh was after he was chosen by the Convention Sponsorship Program to represent Aliens at the Kolkata Tattoo Festival in 2023. Winning awards for Best Freehand and Best Collaboration showed his skill and solidified his reputation as a top tattoo artist in Mumbai and across India.


Yogesh believes tattoos are like life stories written on the body. He makes each design special, connecting with the person's soul. He's not just a tattoo artist; he's a storyteller, creating tattoos that are beautiful and meaningful. For him, a tattoo should show who you are and what you love.


Yogesh Mahale showcases a remarkable transition from learning the basics of tattooing to mastering the craft. His journey is inspiring for anyone wanting to make tattoo art their career. 

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