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Tamil Nadu, India / 2022

Nimesh Adhitya

From Tragedy to Triumph: The Journey of Nimesh Adithya At Aliens Tattoo Art School

I didn't have to choose Aliens, Aliens chose me

Nimesh Adithya is a driven and ambitious individual hailing from the state of Tamil Nadu in India. Born and raised in a bustling downtown area, Nimesh has always been on a quest to further his education and pursue his passions. After obtaining his M.Tech degree in engineering, he took advantage of online learning opportunities and completed an online MBA, as well as several additional online courses. Nimesh's creativity and passion for the arts is evident in his work as a cinematographer and filmmaker.


However, Nimesh's life took an unexpected turn when a family tragedy struck. His father fell ill, and Nimesh felt a deep sense of responsibility to devote himself to caring for his father and investing all of his savings into his treatment. Despite the challenges and difficulties he faced, Nimesh used this time to reflect on his future and seek out new opportunities.


It was through this reflection and research that Nimesh discovered Aliens Tattoo Art School. The school offered a Complete Course in Tattoo Art, a 3-month program that promised to equip students with the knowledge and skills they needed to succeed as professional tattoo artists. Despite the financial burden, Nimesh's mother, who was his greatest motivator and supporter, took out a loan against her jewelry to finance his course.


Nimesh's journey to Aliens Tattoo Art School was not one that he had planned, but he feels that it was a miraculous and fateful decision. "I didn't have to choose Aliens, Aliens chose me," Nimesh says. He credits the school with providing him with a comprehensive education that covered everything from the basics of drawing and tattooing to advanced techniques for creating realistic tattoos in a variety of styles. Nimesh emerged from the program with newfound skills and a sense of purpose, ready to make his mark in the world of tattoo art.

Nimesh's Interview

Nimesh's Interview
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