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T.M Girishankar, who is also known by his artistic pseudonym "Alienzkid," is one of the most reputable tattoo artists in Kochi, Kerala. What initially started as a passion project for him has not only brought him personal fulfilment, but has also enriched the creative landscape of Kochi!

Instead of opting for the conventional route of enrolling in college at 18 years old, he chose to channel his energy into the world of art and creativity. This marked a pivotal moment in his life, as he embarked on a path less travelled by, one that would eventually lead him to master the intricate art of tattooing.

This decision was met with initial hesitancy from his family. However, as he immersed himself in the world of tattooing and started building his skills and reputation, he began to receive their support.

His journey began when he joined a friend's tattoo studio, initially taking on the role of a studio manager. This experience allowed him to immerse himself in the captivating world of tattooing – a celebrated art form where creativity meets skin as a canvas.

Girishankar's time as a studio manager gave him a firsthand understanding of the nuances of the trade – from client interactions to design concepts and the technical aspects of tattoo application. It was during this phase that a spark was ignited within him.

Fueled by this newfound passion, Girishankar made a conscious decision to turn his yearning into a lifelong pursuit. In 2019, he decided to join Aliens Tattoo School to do the Complete Course in Tattoo Art, where he learned tattooing from scratch.

At the beginning of his tattooing journey, he faced a few challenges that tested his determination. Moving to a different city in another state was no easy task, and Girishankar had to navigate language barriers and the high costs of living in Mumbai.

Moreover, being the youngest in his class, he also had a lot of self-doubt. He managed to overcome it with time and a lot of practice. Additionally, he started to embrace the learning process and gained valuable experience, which made him grow steadily.

At Aliens Tattoo School, my journey was a remarkable blend of learning and inspiration. Interacting with award-winning tattoo artists and highly skilled mentors was truly transformative. The atmosphere buzzed with creativity, surrounded by captivating tattoo works and artistic minds. The structured syllabus perfectly complemented their unique styles, enhancing my learning experience. The camaraderie among like-minded individuals further fueled my growth. Overall, Aliens Tattoo School wasn't just an education hub; it was a thriving community that nurtured my passion and laid the foundation for my success as a tattoo artist and mentor today.

He now specializes in creating Portrait, Realistic, and Sculpture tattoos that bring people's stories to life on their skin. His work has earned him the title of being one of the best tattoo artists in Kerala.

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for artistry, he’s honed his skills through dedicated learning during his time at Aliens Tattoo School. His expertise lies in meticulously capturing the essence of individuals through lifelike portraits, breathing reality into art with realistic designs, and crafting intricate tattoo sculptures that are truly one-of-a-kind.

He credits his successful journey to remarkable artists like Sunny Bhanushali, Danny Tattoo Art, Neto Coutinho, and Roberto Carlos.

“Sunny Bhanushali's innovative techniques have shown me the limitless possibilities of tattoo art. Danny Tattoo Art's attention to detail and mastery of realism continually push me to refine my skills. Neto Coutinho's creativity and unique style have encouraged me to think outside the box. Lastly, Roberto Carlos's dedication to cultural motifs has deepened my understanding of storytelling through tattoos.”

To stay motivated, his drive is fueled by passion and a deep love for creating jaw-dropping tattoos. The rising demand for tattoo artists adds excitement, as it's not just a job but a creative adventure. Every day, he’s reminded of how far he’s come, and the endless possibilities ahead that keep him motivated to continue his tattooing journey.

His parents, who weren’t initially convinced, saw his dedication and determination, and their concerns transformed into encouragement! Their belief in him grew as they witnessed his commitment to his craft and the success that followed.

When asked how he disciplined himself to the path of success, here are some tips he shared:

  • Prioritize quality and perfection in every artwork you create. It's the hallmark of your craft.

  • Embrace change and stay adaptable, as the tattoo industry evolves rapidly. Being open to new styles and techniques will set you apart.

  • Cultivate an ever-learning attitude. The more you learn, the better you become.

  • Keep honing your skills, absorbing knowledge, and seeking mentorship. With dedication to these principles, your journey as a tattoo artist will not only be fulfilling but also continually rewarding.

Today, Girishankar proves that success can be achieved through an unconventional career path. His story encourages aspiring artists and individuals alike to have the courage to follow their passions, even if it means veering away from the traditional norms.

As he continues to create some incredible tattoos on his clients, he reminds us that the pursuit of passion is a journey that knows no bounds!

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