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From Canvas to Skin: Why Tattoo Artistry Could Be Your True Calling

The truth is that everyone has an artist within them but not many get good opportunities to untap that side of theirs!

A majority of people are good at drawing; many start channeling their creativity at a very young age by doodling in their notebooks at school.

However, as they grow older and their responsibilities increase, their focus shifts away from art and it becomes more of a hobby.

Some are fortunate enough to continue pursuing art as a career but many are stuck in jobs they don’t like and want to switch to something related to art.

There’s a common misconception going around, that being artistic won’t help you land a skilled profession.

Contrary to preconceived notions, being a tattoo artist is a very lucrative career that requires a lot of artistic skills.

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Take Vincent Van Gogh for example — all his life he only sold one painting but after his death, he became a global phenomenon.

Michelangelo, along with Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael, were pioneers of Florentine High Renaissance art in the 1400s and their legacies are still ongoing.

These artists were barely noticed while they were still alive, however, after their deaths they became posthumous inspirations in the art community. Presently, a lot of artists draw inspiration from these famous artists and start out with just sketching and drawing popular artworks from the past.

Art has evolved since then, with artists choosing a lot of different ways to express themselves like murals, graffiti, canvas, fine art, sculptures etc.

Back then, tattoos had a stigma and were unheard of by the general public. These intricate artworks would have been impossible to replicate on skin.

The only way people appreciated art was architecture or in art galleries. However, nowadays artworks by most artists rarely get enough appreciation — they might get a commission or two but their work is still lost in a sea of other artworks by other artists who are equally struggling. It can feel unfulfilling after a while.

These artists paved the way for a new generation of artists, who are capable of making art in many different forms, including tattoos.

Art pieces like paintings are a common sighting in households, they bring a sense of character and aesthetic to people’s living spaces.

At one glance, they can also evoke different feelings within a person. In that context, some art enthusiasts choose to get those paintings inked on their skin forever.

Our skin is an empty gallery that can be filled with art of our choice. Every tattoo carries an unspoken story that becomes a part of that person forever.

The tattoos on a person speak volumes about their character and also makes for a great conversation starter.

Tattoos have evolved from being stigmatized to a form of art collection. Just like coin collections, stamp collections and other things that people collect as a hobby, collecting tattoos has become acceptable in modern society.

Many people travel far and wide just to get tattoos from their favorite tattoo artist whose work they admire. Most tattooists also design tattoos that are unique and exclusive to the wearer and they can feel a sense of individualism with their tattoos. They also feel a sense of pride knowing that their work is travelling and being seen by people instead of staying still in an art gallery or exhibition.

Avenues to becoming a tattoo artist also don’t just require you to directly start using a tattoo machine. It requires you to be an all-rounder when it comes to different art forms.

A decent foundation in sketching and art is necessary, where you can learn the difference between light and shadows, gradients, blending and different textures.

Learning how to design tattoos on Photoshop is also a skill that is highly sought after. Knowing different art styles and learning different forms of art is an added bonus.

Tattooing requires incredible precision with zero room for errors since it’s going to be on a person’s skin for a lifetime. Being a tattoo artist is a very fulfilling profession for most people who have been in the field for years and they usually don’t quit once they begin.

Knowing that their art is carried around by clients and being appreciated by strangers is something most tattoo artists are extremely proud about.

At Aliens Tattoo Art School, tattoo learning has been revolutionized.

Students are systematically taught the fundamentals of drawing until they are ready and confident to use a tattoo machine.

Then, they are introduced to skin pads and finally make the transition to real human skin.

Every student needs to feel confident in their abilities before they move to the next step. A lot of them join the school and upon graduating, go on to have extremely fulfilling careers in the tattoo industry.

The tattoo industry is only moving upwards and the demand for tattoo artists around the world is also steadily increasing, making tattooing a steady profession in the 21st century.

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