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Hailing from Ghansoli, a busy suburb in Navi Mumbai, Sunny Ghandat is an exceptionally gifted artist who also happens to be one of the youngest in our team, and is already making a name for himself!

When he was 16, Sunny was at the crossroads of his life and didn't know what the next step towards his future would be. Sunny's artistic journey began after his 10th board exams, where he resorted to learning how to draw during the COVID-19 lockdown.

As he completely immersed himself in the world of art, his curiosity knew no bounds and he wanted to explore all forms of it without stepping out of his room, including tattooing. Equipped with newfound knowledge after watching a lot of online tutorials and getting a hang of the know-hows, he bought his own tattoo machine and embarked on this new path of life by starting off with small tattoo commissions.

While most young individuals around Sunny’s age follow conventional career paths, Sunny dared to take a different route. By the time he turned 17, he was already a self-employed artist, creating small tattoos for clients. Simultaneously, he was also pursuing his degree in commerce. However, Sunny's passion for tattooing grew stronger with each passing day. Upon graduating, he made the life-changing decision to pursue tattooing as a full-time career.

Here’s a look at some of the tattoos he did during that time:

Despite making small tattoos with satisfied clients, he always felt that something was missing. He knew he wanted to create something larger than life. He had his whole life ahead of him but he knew that he needed to make each second count.

He knew there was more in store for him than what he already knew and that led to him wanting to learn more from the best of the best. Eager to grow and learn from industry professionals, he approached numerous reputed studios for an apprenticeship but faced repeated rejections as many doubted the potential of such a young artist.

But Sunny's determination knew no bounds. Finally, he found a studio willing to take him in, but like all tattoo apprentices, he had to endure long hours of menial tasks unrelated to tattooing. Frustrated by the lack of artistic growth, he made the tough choice to quit after two months.

He found a beacon of hope after coming across Aliens Tattoo Art School, a safe space where he could enhance his artistic abilities without compromise.

After enrolling for the six-month diploma course, he saw himself pushing his limits and creating astounding artwork unlike anything he had done before. Being surrounded by mentors and peers who fueled his creativity also transformed his work in a quick span of time. He began improving his work at light speed and to no one’s surprise, his dedication earned him a coveted spot for the Aliens Tattoo Internship Program.

The internship is reserved only for the top 10% students of the school, who prove their mettle through their strong and steady progress at the school.

Completing the internship marked a new chapter in Sunny's journey. He joined Aliens Tattoo as a resident artist at Chennai, after having a brief stint in Bangalore. His portfolio grew to showcase breathtaking tattoos in a variety of styles. He currently specializes in realism but is also exploring calligraphy side-by-side.

Here’s a look at some of the tattoos he created during his time at Aliens Tattoo:

Sunny's consistency in creating impeccable tattoos and constantly outdoing himself landed him an opportunity to represent Aliens through the Tattoo Convention Sponsorship, where students are handpicked and supported to tattoo at international tattoo conventions.

Kula is one of the most awaited tattoo conventions in India which has participants from all over the world, and Sunny was sponsored to showcase his incredible artistry at the 2023 edition of the event. His hard work paid off and he won the coveted title of Best Emerging Artist for his rendition of David of Michelangelo, that is the perfect fusion of graffiti and surrealism on a sculpture portrait.

Sunny attributes all his success to practice and discipline. During his course, he poured 7-8 hours a day into perfecting every line and dot in his work. His dedication, perseverance, and the support of everyone around him at Aliens has shaped him into the extraordinary artist he is today.

From a teenager seeking inspiration in a global pandemic lockdown to an award-winning tattoo artist, Sunny's artistic journey has truly come a long way! He proved that age is no bar when it comes to talent and is setting an example for youngsters all around the nation. We can't wait to see what the future has in store for him!

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