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The Evolution of Tattoo Education in India

In the 21st century, the profession of being a tattoo artist has gained popularity and demands rigorous training and discipline. It is now a respectful art form with endless career opportunities. As tattoos shed their negative stigma and are receiving widespread acceptance, the tattoo industry is booming; resulting in a high demand for skilled tattoo artists worldwide. It has evolved from an experiential craft to a full-fledged profession. Anyone with an unwavering passion for artistry and creativity can pursue tattooing.

The tattoo community has now grown into a supportive network of artists, collectors, and fans around the world who celebrate the artistry and individuality of tattoos. This has led to tattoo artistry being a professional career that requires specialized training and knowledge. Tattoos can be made in almost every color imaginable and there are so many new tattoo styles now that were non-existent just a short while ago. However, there were so many challenges faced by aspiring tattoo artists initially. Resources to improve their skills were very limited and tattoo apprenticeships were very hard to find.

The Dark Side of Tattoo Apprenticeships

In the past, aspiring tattoo artists would often seek out tattoo shops or seasoned tattoo artists and request an apprenticeship as a crucial step in their journey. This hands-on approach was highly regarded as the most effective means of acquiring tattooing expertise. Unfortunately, many established tattoo artists would withhold their knowledge and fail to adequately educate or guide their apprentices. Furthermore, some would exhibit a sense of superiority and outright decline to share their expertise. Some others even went to the extent of exploiting their apprentices by making them clean the studios and toilets and made them run errands that were completely unrelated to the learning process. If they were lucky, they’d get a few hours of learning by standing and watching the artist create a tattoo on their client’s skin. Without even feeling confident or assured about their abilities, they were handed a tattoo machine and were told to practice on real human skin. Some were even practicing on fruits, which didn’t have the same texture or feel as human skin. Thankfully, there is a steady decline of apprenticeships and an increased preference for getting certified from an accredited tattoo school.

When Sunny Bhanushali, Founder of Aliens Tattoo, embarked on his journey in the tattoo industry, he encountered numerous challenges. He had approached a highly reputed tattoo artist with a request for an apprenticeship, only to be turned down. Undeterred, he made the decision to teach himself the craft, and as a result, he has now emerged as one of the world's best tattoo artists renowned for his mastery of Realism and Hyper-Realism.

Emergence of Tattoo Schools

Numerous aspiring tattoo artists sought apprenticeships from Sunny, but he held reservations about the concept. He believed that the apprenticeship model might not effectively facilitate their learning and instead advocated for an educational system that would offer comprehensive, step-by-step guidance. Sunny questioned the absence of dedicated tattoo learning institutions, considering the availability of vocational schools and colleges for other art forms. At the time, resources for tattoo education were scarce, and finding a mentor to provide proper guidance was a rarity, not only in India but worldwide. Keeping in mind all the challenges being faced by so many aspiring tattoo artists, Sunny founded Aliens Tattoo Art School, the first tattoo school in Asia that welcomed locals as well as foreigners to enroll. The school aimed to help future generations of tattoo artists learn with convenience. The establishment of the tattoo school aimed to provide an inclusive platform for individuals from diverse backgrounds to embark on their paths towards becoming professional tattoo artists. While it took Sunny a decade to refine his skills, the courses offered at the tattoo school enables aspiring artists to achieve a similar level of proficiency in just 2-3 years.

About Aliens Tattoo Art School

Aliens Tattoo Art School transformed the tattoo industry by introducing tattoo courses targeted on career development, guiding aspiring tattoo artists on their path to becoming professional tattoo artists. Its focus lies on nurturing the unique potential of each individual, rather than imposing a predetermined level of proficiency upon them. This approach makes the training programs exceptionally accommodating and tailored to the needs of each student.

The school revolutionized tattoo education by offering a one-of-a-kind 360° training program, where students do not just merely acquire skills by practicing with a tattoo machine; they receive comprehensive instruction in a wide range of subjects that traditional apprenticeships often overlook.

These include drawing techniques, marketing strategies, business principles, digital art, and, of course, the art of tattooing itself. To maximize their learning potential, students are organized in batches so personalized attention is given to each and every student. Moreover, additional benefits like the Alumni Support and Internship Program have played a significant role in assisting numerous students in securing employment. As a result, past students are now experiencing improved job opportunities and a higher quality of life. Many of them have shared their experiences here.

Courses are designed to accommodate various budgets through flexible payment plans, allowing students to pursue their dreams without causing a strain on their finances. Additionally, periodic workshops are hosted by the school for those seeking to learn within a shorter timeframe.

Aliens Tattoo Art School remains at the forefront of tattoo education in India, leading the way in providing accessible learning opportunities for all. Its vision extends beyond merely offering employment to Indian youth; it strives to open doors to a realm of boundless possibilities. Many successful world renowned and award-winning artists like Allan Gois, Devendra Palav and Siddhesh Gawde have graduated from the school. The growth of the tattoo industry in India not only generates employment but also plays a vital role in advancing the country's economy.

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