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Aliens Tattoo Art School

Aliens Tattoo Art School is the first tattoo school in Asia that has built career oriented tattoo courses to pave the path to success for aspiring professional tattoo artists.

Our doors are open to people from all walks of life who have one vision in common—to create phenomenal tattoos that will be remembered forever.

Not only are our courses beginner friendly, but we also foster an environment that makes learning less stressful and more fun. There are many, many more ways our school stands out from the rest. Read on to find out what they are!

We revolutionalized tattoo learning for those who are very passionate about art.

Our 360° Tattoo Training Programs focuses entirely on strengthening the foundation of our students’ knowledge not only in tattoo art, but other important aspects required to be a professional like business development, sales and marketing, customer service, digital art and more.

We also have courses for beginners who have zero knowledge about tattooing to advanced artists who are already established in the industry but are looking for an extra edge in their careers.

award-winning tattoo artists

A team of our award-winning tattoo artists have also taken on the responsibility to pass on their powerful wisdom gathered over the years. Most of them had very different careers before they set their mark in the tattoo industry. They believe in shaping and molding every student to be their very best, instead of already expecting them to be of a certain standard. They are experts when it comes to rendering flawless tattoos and are guaranteed to help you unleash your inner artist to its max potential.

When people hear the word “school”, they assume it’s full of classrooms with benches and a blackboard. However, we don’t have any of that here!

Our school is an artistic hub that is made by artists to help other artists bring out their full productivity and pour their hearts out in their tattoos. It is also built in a way to minimize distractions and is fully equipped with all the necessities that making a good tattoo requires. There are separate tables for each student that are customized for tattoo learning as well as individual computers for digital art, along with several other top-notch facilities.

We don’t just mean tattoo hygiene. Our premises are regularly sanitized to make a safe and comfortable environment for our students. We very strongly believe that cleanliness is next to godliness.

Apart from cleanliness, we also care about our students’ safety. Since there are so many young students coming from different parts of India and around the world, we have taken into consideration the concerns of their parents and installed 24x7 CCTV cameras throughout. We are also conveniently located close to 5+ hospitals within 1km of our school in case of an emergency.

We are strong advocates of making learning accessible to all. We understand that course fees might be a big financial burden for some people, so we introduced a plan to aid them in paying their fees over a period of time in EMIs.

With this hassle-free method of payment, you wouldn’t have to settle for a subpar school and can receive the best education through us.

Over the years, this flexibility has given many students from small-income backgrounds a hope and a chance to learn from the best tattoo school in India.

We have courses that are tailored for students of all skill levels; from beginners to experienced artists. A lot of our students enroll in our school without ever touching a tattoo machine in their life and finish their course creating tattoos they are extremely proud of.

Apart from the courses, we also regularly conduct workshops for those who are unable to set aside a lot of time to sharpen their skills. We have also newly launched online courses for those who wish to learn remotely.

Tattoo conventions and festivals are great platforms for tattoo artists around the globe to put their talent on display in healthy competitions. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for artists to build their network and get exposure to world-famous tattoo artists and companies.

However, as a budding artist, it might be a bit difficult to even have a chance to participate. At Aliens Tattoo Art School, we provide opportunities to outstanding students to participate through us and fully sponsor their participation. Many of our students have bagged awards as freshers, all while competing amongst experienced artists.

For students who have shown exceptional work at our school, we offer them paid internships. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to get hands-on experience at our tattoo studios across India. Interns will not only get to interact with clients and industry personnel, they will also get a lot of tattooing experience for their portfolios. Upon completion, there’s a big possibility of interns becoming full-time artists with us.

Attending Aliens Tattoo Art School can be life-changing for aspiring tattoo artists, you can check out their stories here. We provide a structured education system that covers the basics of tattooing; from safety precautions to artistic techniques.

Our school creates a supportive and creative community that encourages growth and collaboration. By enrolling in our courses, you can gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to start a fulfilling career in the tattoo industry or upgrade your skills to reach greater heights.

If you're passionate about tattoos and dream of becoming a skilled tattoo artist, you can contact us for more information and we will thoroughly guide you.

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