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arjun kapoor's tattoo artist

At Aliens Tattoo, where dreams take shape and aspirations take flight, there beats a heart of creativity Sakshi Panwar, once a student, now a master of ink and artistry. Sakshi Panwar's journey defines the victory of passion over difficulty. 

Coming from the bustling streets of Jodhpur, Sakshi’s artistic flair bloomed amidst the rich culture of her Marwadi heritage. Fueled by her mother's resilience in the face of cancer, Sakshi pursued her dream of becoming a tattoo artist

Relocating to Mumbai, she found her soul at Aliens Tattoo Art School, where under the guidance of Sunny Bhanushali, she honed her craft and discovered her niche in fine-line tattoos. With each intricate design, Sakshi not only etches stories onto skin but also creates connections that go beyond cultural boundaries. Her rise to recognition, marked by awards at conventions and features in renowned publications, defines her status as a rising star in the ink industry. Now, at just 23, Sakshi stands tall as a testament to the transformative power of unwavering dedication and the pursuit of one's dreams. Her journey, a blend of passion and determination, flows in the soulful inking of none other than Arjun Kapoor at the Aliens Tattoo Studio, a legendary whose name echoes through the corridors of Bollywood's history.

Arjun walked through the doors of our tattoo studio in Mumbai and there was a noticeable excitement in the air. After some initial pleasantries with everyone in our team, he gradually got comfortable and it felt like being in the company of an old friend, rather than a celebrity. Arjun had an impressive ink collection that speaks of his personal stories and milestones, all of which have defined him as a person. Wanting to add to that collection, we were overjoyed when we heard from him that ace cricketer Virat Kohli had recommended Aliens Tattoo to Arjun for his latest addition.

Just as his characters on screen evolve and grow, Arjun himself has undergone a significant transformation. He faced a period in his life 3-4 years prior, where everything seemed to be marked by personal struggles and difficulties. But one fine day, he recognized that his journey was not just about proving his worth to others, but about affirming his self-worth. It was about finding inner peace, strength, and the courage to face life's challenges head-on. Those facing personal challenges or overcoming obstacles often identify with the phoenix. Just like a phoenix rises from the ashes, Arjun rises above all.

Hence, it was decided that a phoenix tattoo design would be the perfect design fit.

Founder and CEO of Aliens Tattoo Sunny Bhanushali worked tirelessly on the design himself. He took great care to ensure that every part of the design was carefully considered and delicately done knowing the importance of the tattoo for Arjun. The phoenix tattoo design was specifically crafted to be deeply layered, reflecting the complexity of his personal journey. These tiny lines and dots are like moments in his life, each one important, yet often overlooked. 

Arjun was like an open book, discussing everything under the sun, from fitness to the pressures of being a celebrity to his personal life, he disclosed everything in much detail. His humble nature was a breath of fresh air for everyone, there was never a dull moment or awkward silence in his presence. After some last minute changes with the help of our senior designer Sameer Kureshi, the tattooing process began in full swing.

The phoenix design, a masterpiece of fine lines and dotwork, spreads its wings majestically while under it the word "Rise" is elegantly inscribed, serving as a powerful mantra for Arjun. Seven hours flew by and there it was! Arjun Kapoor's bold Phoenix tattoo, finally complete. As he gazed at the stunning artwork, a look of awe spread across his face. 

As he carves his unique path in the industry, he reminds us that at the heart of every celebrity is a human story of struggle and triumph. 

In Essence,

As this chapter in Arjun's journey comes to a close, we are beyond proud to have played a part in his story. And standing strong at the heart of it all is Sakshi Panwar, whose journey from student to master holds the spirit of Aliens Tattoo. With each tattoo she creates, Sakshi breathes life into her once-dreamed dreams, getting on a journey to give life to ink stories that resonate with the soul.

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